Braxton Herrada

memorial-photos-Braxton-HerradaA young man filled with so much life and love for others. Braxton was always willing to help others, he would find the positive in any situation and truly lived a happy life…One that was cut way too short. On September 22, 2009, just 9 days after his 15th birthday, Braxton was diagnosed with a very advanced stage of Ewing Sarcoma, a bone cancer, which is very painful. The next 13 months of his life were consumed with monthly trips to Wichita for chemotherapy and radiation treatments and several lengthy stays at the hospital. All the while, Braxton stayed positive and very strong! He never felt sorry for himself, only for the young children he shared the pediatric floor at the hospital with. Braxton brought joy to everyone he came in contact with. His beautiful, bright smile, his calmness and caring demeanor and above all his shoot from the hip sense of humor kept all those who knew him laughing and just happy to be in his presence.

Through his battle, Braxton was able to complete his sophomore year of high school, more times than not, attending classes and being a class clown, even when he didn’t feel well. He was an amazing big brother to his 3 younger brothers..Stanton (11), Trenton (5) and Ashton (3). Braxton loved children and would have made a wonderful father. His brothers meant everything to him. He was so relieved it was him going through the battle than any of them.

Braxton was known by many as a big teddy bear! And he did give the most amazing bear hugs! His passion was riding 4-wheelers and a natural he was. He began riding at the very young age of 4 and even entered a race at the fairgrounds at age 5. He was the smallest and of course the only one of his size, but they allowed him out of the gate and that boy rode with all his heart….never any fear!!!

Braxton fought so very hard, never complained and held on as long as he possibly could. He earned his wings , in the comfort of his own home, on October 21, 2010. This day will forever mark a pain in our hearts that will never come to ease. We will never forget the love and kindness he shared with all who knew him. He was not only my son, but my very best friend.

Cancer Sucks! My hope is to carry on Braxton’s name in honor of all the young children touched by this disease, for those who have lost the battle, those continuing to fight and those not yet diagnosed. We want to help spread awareness and raise money to help families whose lives have been affected by adolescent cancer! Let’s protect our children, give them a chance to experience life and grow old. Braxton’s motto was “Live Life To Survive”! He had the will-power, the optimism and the endurance to go on, but with lack of research, he ran out of effective medications to help save his life.

Please join and walk/run for the children! And to Braxton, from all of us who love you…..we miss you every day, until we meet again, we hold you in our hearts.

Thank You.