Memorials & Tributes

Susan Brookover

Susan was a Garden City resident for most of her life. She enjoyed spending her time with her family, attending K-State football games, as she was an avid fan, and of course spending time with her Garden City Bridge Club girls. She was loved by all that had the chance to meet her and is missed by all.

Laura Elizabeth Kleysteuber

To quote Laura’s mom, Sandy Badgett, in her beautiful book Remembering Laura , “Even though the journey was not ending as we had prayed that it would, God was still God. . .” and He welcomed Laura Elizabeth Kleysteuber home on November 14, 2006. Read more

Braxton Herrada

A young man filled with so much life and love for others. Braxton was always willing to help others, he would find the positive in any situation and truly lived a happy life…One that was cut way too short. On September 22, 2009, just 9 days after his 15th birthday, Braxton was diagnosed with a very advanced stage of Ewing Sarcoma, a bone cancer, which is very painful. Read more

Pam Smith

A question once asked at a personal enrichment seminar: “What would you like people to say at your 80th birthday party? Think about this and then make that your legacy.” Whether you knew Pam for decades or but a brief time, her legacy to those she left behind is powerful and true. Read more

Robert Brewer

Robert was diagnosed with brain cancer in 1998. He fought 9 strong years underwent 3 surgerys and had radation and chemo treatment. Fought everyday till his last breath. Was a stand firm believer in Our Heavenly Father and NEVER EVER gave up on hope. He enjoyed every moment with his family especially his grandbabies. Even taken at a young age of 59 he was still full of life. So come walk/run and support team Brewer or just come join us to take the stand against cancer!

Sheila Mae Brown Roesler

Sheila Mae Brown Roesler was born March 3rd, 1947 in Junction City KS. She graduated from Milford High school 1965 and then attended K-State. 

On July 13, 1968 Sheila Mae Brown married Steven Duane Roesler in Milford Kansas. They were married for 24 years and had two children Chad and Paige. While being a loving and devoted mother she was also very active in her community. Read more

Becky Jo Thomeczek

Becky was an Emergency, ICU, and sexual assault nurse at St. Catherine Hospital for over 35 years and helped thousands and thousands of patients to heal both physically and mentally. She was later the nurse at Homestead Assisted Living where the residents immediately loved her caring yet professional manner.

Medical professionals who worked with Becky knew they could always could on her, even in the most difficult situations. Several of the next generation of nurses have said that she was the inspiration for them to become the finest nurse they could be.

You always knew where you stood with Becky! She was loving but also someone who would explain, in no uncertain words, what she felt was right. When she was diagnosed with breast cancer her mantra became, “All right, let’s just do the things it will take to beat this!” … and she did! Cancer did not take Becky’s life as she passed away due to complications after a surgery.

Even through all of the pain, worry and concern she never lost her faith in God. If you walked into her home you would find a Bible that she was using to study the Word.

Becky’s legacy will forever be one of a loving wife, mother, Meme, daughter, sister and friend. Family was very important to her and the joy of spending time with her grandchildren helped her through the times of difficult health issues.

Those who were blessed to know her personally and professionally realize their lives were enriched by knowing this wonderful woman.

Sandra Romo

Born July 4th, 1968 – April 12th, 2021

Mother of 4 children and grandmother of 17 grandchildren

“If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed – John 8:36”

Sandra whole-heartedly dedicated her life to giving to others whether it was time, love, gifts, or advice. A daycare provider for 27 years where anyone that walked through her door, she made feel at home and cared for as her own. She began her battle with breast cancer at the age of 47 and with her family, she came out a survivor for the next 5 years, but unfortunately had to start the fight over but within 9 months the cancer consumed her 3 months before her 53rd birthday.  She is now resting with the angels and her dog companion Shorty. She will forever be remembered by all the lives she touched.